Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your own museum exhibition

The Intel application takes all of your data and formats from your Facebook profile when you connect with it and turnes them into an exhibition. The exhibition features your pictures, most frequent words you post, links, location, videos, people you connect most and other things of your digital life on Facebook.

I found different opinion in some blogs about this campaign. One of the comments: "An image of my sister appeared directly next to a dead friend, followed by a co-worker making a goofy pose. Later on a snapshot of my current girlfriend was juxtaposed next to an old flame."
Or a comment like this one: "This campaign leaves a negative association with Intel brand in my mind."
If you think it’s a bit strange, remember that you are the one who is putting all this info on your Facebook profile, not anyone else.

Well, I really enjoyed this visualisation. Create and explore a visual archieve of your social life. Try it, you will be amazed! 

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