Sunday, August 21, 2011

McDonald's Pick n Play

An example of using new technologies in a new way by using interactive bilboard in an outdoor campaign.

The aim of campaign is to give people an extra fun reason to visit McDonald's. How did they do it? McDonald's used a large digitals billboard an created an challenge which offers to play a game. The game has eben controled by using smartphone.  People could interact with the screen without having to download any applications.

How it worked?
People who were passing by and who wanted to play this game, had to visit with their smartphones.
Phones GEO location verified that they are in the game area.
They had to choose his favourite a product from McDonald's.
Player had to use a touchscreen of smartphone to play a game and follow the game real time on the screen.
If they won this game, they won their favourite product from Mc'Donald's.

Watch it:

Nowadays it's all about people.
This is a nice example of emotional egagement, it's always an added value for a brand. Interaction helps to build a loyalty as well. While customers are playing, they are self experienced and it helps to feel them closer with the brand. People want to be involved.
It's also important to remember that the human being should be in the center of communication, not the brand itself.
Catching people attention means catching their eyes and McDonald's with this billboard is definetely using this strategy.

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