Friday, August 12, 2011

Bring physical world to life- Zappar app

Zappar application is a free app available for IPhone, Ipad2 and Android devices. The aim of the app is to open up another dimension where the posters/books/images/objects comes to life. It change posters into an attractive and interactive dimension.

How it works?
find the image or object that is Zappar powered. Open the app, put it in front of the object, wait few seconds till the object is registered and bring it to life.

Let's see some examples.
Zappar app used for a book called "Fantastic Mr Fox".

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 interactive poster.

Great example of PHD media agency. They used Zappar app to in Cannes Lions advertising festival 2011 to introduce the campaign "Advertising moves on" where PHD representatives talked about the future of advertising industry. PHD created 30 different posters and powered them with Zappar app.
At the end of campaign  Zappar app was downloaded more than 5800 times. See the case study below.

Interactivity nowadays is crucial to effective communication. Interactive advertising has a potential to increase the quality of comsumers decisions, increase customers satisfaction and get them involved. In this case it is easier to promote trust and of course it helps to stand out in a crowd. It plays also an essential role in increasing engagement and motivation.
Polly Cochrane, SVP of Marketing Warner Bros Pictures UK commented, “Zappar opens up a whole new way for us to think about our marketing campaigns. Posters become engaging and interactive media channels where we can bring the stories behind our films to life in a truly immersive way.”
Click here to find out more about Zappar app. 

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