Friday, August 26, 2011

Turkcell live competition on Twitter

Turkcell Turkish telecom company made a campaign with an aim to promote their new smart phones with mobile internet and wanted to create awareness and buzz among the heavy internetu sers.
Turkcell created live competition through Twitter. The competition had the smart phones at it's core.

They made a gift box and put the smart phones in. Then they covered the box with post-its. Using a live video feed, they asked the twitter crowd to unpack the box by tweeting what was written on the post-its using our hashtag #turkcelltweet.
There were also other gaumes participants could take part.
Finally, to win the phone, the participants had to get their mesage re-tweeted by a famous celebrity.
Campaign was active for 7 days, 3 hours per day.
8 days in the trending list of Twitter.
56'734 tweets with a hashtag #turckcelltweet were generated.

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