Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to sell sustainability in the fashion industry

The most important rule I learned working for a project for sustainable fashion is following: want to sell sustainable product, don’t mention it is sustainable. So, the question appears: “Is it possible to transform the ethical fashion into a business interest in fashion companies?” 

This video was made for the project of sustainability for a network which business model is to sell sustainability but at the same time fashion, so there you can find an answer about sustainability from my and my group point of view after research we made.

To start, I want to explain what in my opinion is a sustainable business. It’s a synergy between environment, people and profit. If we talk about sustainability, then every each of you have a different thoughts and opinions what it is. “what is sustainability? one knows” Vanessa Friedman (Financial Times). So that's why it’s so important to define, whats for your business is sustainability. 

Why it is so hard to sell sustainability especially in the fashion industry? Because there is no knowledge how to sell it. Sustainability is the new direction to get attention but it’s very hard to communicate it. You have to say in a light way that the goods are sustainable. It’s the vanguard of sustainability- you sell it but you don’t say anything about it, because nowadays all that people want is the word “fashionable”. First the good need to be chick, fashion. They need to be showed by the design point of you and then maybe mention also that it’s a sustainable product. At first consumers need to be involved into something and only when they are involved, you can show the sustainable part of it. 

Sustainability in fashion means fashionable yet responsible. Unfortunately, people think that sustainable goods are ugly what is not true. It’s hard to change this attitude from customers, especially in the fashion area. Sometimes consumers are scared about sustainable products, because they think it’s something very expensive. 

It’s important to understand that sustainability isn’t the same as green. 

My opinion is that this is unique business opportunity- sustainability together with good design. Everybody say that sustainable is nice, but when it comes to action, nobody wants to buy it. 

It’s important also not to look into categories and categorize customers. For example, into customers who want to buy only sustainable product or into ones who are interested only in fashion. The more important thing is to look into people needs because nowadays they are going into too many directions and business will lose if it will categorize customers.
There you can also find a presentation for this business model example. 

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