Monday, September 13, 2010

The New generation

From all the books I have red about brand development, advertising and  marketing, one of my favourite one is "Brandchild" by Martin Lindstrom. 
This book is about today's gloal kids and their relationships with brands.
There is a lot of useful information, but some of it is really interesting or funny. I have added only few of statements which I wanted to share with you:

1. Nowadays the interactive generation is used that they get everything HERE and NOW. The generation that knows only immediate satisfaction, is very demanding.
2. The difference between our generation and the new one is that they have grown with abundance of information. They don’t know another world. 
3. Consumers who are 34-45 years old don’t change the brands they have chosen. The only exception is that their children force them to change the brands. 
4. Frequently children can been called the key decision makers in the family, also, when they are not using this product. Teenagers can really persuade their parents to try something new!
5. In one family of three, the parents ask child’s view, purchasing a new car.
6. For attachment to one of the car brands, it is found more teenagers than the affection of a particular brand of modern clothing. 
7. Child has better hearing, smell and sharpen vision then adult. For these reasons, child is a great aim for commercials which cause feelings.
8. The loyalty towards brand may already begin to form children who are 2 years old. 
9. Teenagers in USA, Australia and United Kingdom in front of TV spend for 60% more time then at school. 
10. It is useful to work with paradoxes. Children don’t want products for “children”.
11. Regularly contact with children and follow their life's. 
12. Everything points to the fact that if the brand ignores children's market, it is doomed to extinction.(I like this one a lot!:) )

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