Friday, September 24, 2010

Diesel campaign “Be Stupid”- too stupid for you?

Diesel, the international jeans brand, a couple months ago launched a campaign “Be Stupid” and opinions about this campaign are very different, from big feud to true love.
Here you can find “Be Stupid” campaigns posters:
My opinion about Be Stupid is that it encourages people to look at things in a different way, to see beyond the “smart” life philosophy and be and act in a different way because only in that way you will feel the real essence of life. It is about to be brave and to try many options. 
The other thing that comes in my mind thinking about this campaign is that Diesel is going against the fashion. In my opinion this campaign’s message is that the entire fashion thing is pretty stupid. And Diesel tells you to play this game, to be the part of this game, so it encourages you to be stupid.
The strength of this campaign in that the messages are told in a funny way. The whole attitude, the way of talking is funny. This attitude has only helped to engage people into this campaign and its activities and that is the most important things of today’s communication- interact and entertain consumer and let him feel the part of the brand. 
Other important thing is that brand need to behave on what it believe and when you see the Diesel webpage or every single activity they are making now, it’s clear that they believe and they approve that they trust the message they give to us.
Here is a great example of engagement: “The “Be Stupid” campaign looks for 100 creative individuals to feature its coming Diesel Stupid Music Video.”
My conclusion is that Diesel make a deep connection threw the time about living in a cool and esay way  and also they are doing what the same category brands never dared to do. And I think it’s cool. 
P.S. The most I like the sentence: „If you have never done anything stupid, you have never done anything at all”.


  1. I love this campaign. I'm still trying to explain to my wife why it is so good... maybe I'l just direct her to your blog :)

  2. As I mentioned before this campaign is about true love or true dislike and I think it's good that there are also completley opposite point of views because thats one of the reason why this campaign is so ALIVE :)

  3. If you look at this video, which is actually very funny and things mentioned there is kind of true, you can see that being 'stupid' or 'dickhead' IS in fashion right now. :)

  4. Sorry, the video is here:

  5. Yes Kiki, you are right! And the last spot of Diesel in some way is something very similar. Check this out:

    It's about Diesel sneaker which wasn't made for running, but for kicking the ass :)

    P.S. Thank you Kiki!

  6. I think it’s built on an awesome strategy As soon as you look at what the audience thinks about it (on Twitter, Facebook etc etc), it has spurred the same reactions and inspiration as Diesel’s famous advertising in the early nineties. I think It’s a campaign built on some kind of cultural relevance/insight.

    Perhaps the most discussed campaign this year. Which means that it is really hard to blame it, at least from a business and brand perspective!

  7. MAN ĻOTI patīk tieši saukļi, nokačināju savā kompī, lai varu priecāties. :)