Monday, August 30, 2010

Voyage into the „Internet 3 Italia” world

My  experience with the ''Internet 3 Italia"  as a customer is a priceless example how company shouldn't communicate with customers.

From 10 points Internet 3 doesn’t have more than 3, maybe for this reason the name is as it is.
To those who can’t decide which Internet is the best in Italy I’m sure of one- it’s NOT Internet 3. Italia .I would like to describe Internet 3 with these words: concealment of facts, providing of false information, anviling to understand customer, clients=rams.

I got Internet 3 when I came to Milan, it’s now 4 months ago. Why i choose exactly Internet3? Because this Internet deal very good with concealment of facts. Despite it, I thought it’s the best and one of the cheapest Internet offers, so I should take it. At first the only fact I dint’t like but I thought that it’s quite fair and that’s why they are so „cheap” is that I had to sign contact for 2 years. „Ok”, i thought, „I will be in Milan for 2 years, so Internet key for 19 euros per month and using limits sound good for me”. I signed contract and got my Internet key. Of course, all this process went 3 days, but that’s not the story.
The story is that I got my bill for Internet (i got it for 2 months), and the price was not 19+19 (for 2 month). It was 99 euros! I was really shocked and i went to the shop where they sold me the Internet. Guy from Internet3 looked at me and said: „Sorry, i don’t understand it, I don’t know what are these numbers”. He gave me the address where I need to go to solve this problem.

So, I went there, but the Internet guy gave me wrong address (they should improve they system), because when he gave the address, he looked in system. OK. I found the Internet3 store by myself and trust me guys, it wasn’t easy because in Internet you can’t find the address!!!
I went at 14:20 and it was closed. They start to work on Mondays from 14:30. OK, thank God I didn’t go some hours before because then it would feel a real disappointment. So, when they opened the store, at least 30 people run into the store and took these things you see on the picture.

I had to wait 1 hour. When my turn came, I explained everything (in my special language- half Italian, half English). So, here’s the explanation and you will not believe what you will read now:
31,67 euro per 2 month about Internet (OK, i agree)
0, 85 euro per activation (What kind of activation?)
16, 51 some other costs!!! (The explanation I got: „It’s just how it is!” I suppose taxes)
And 50 euros again Internet. So, how you think, what lies here? Why I again need to pay such an amount of money for The Internet? The explanation is MARVELOUS:
So, when Internet 3 has a bad connection (so, that means when they repudiate for what I’m paying them), Internet 3 switch to another Internet service called „TIM”, because they have better connection. And for that I need to pay extra 25 euros per month! Really nice, very inspiring.
So I pay extra 25 euros per month because they can’t offer me good Internet. That’s really incredible! And customer is so satisfied! So, I could take TIM which cost 35 euros per month and no limits, but now I'm paying Internet 3 25 euros and 25 euros to TIM, because Internet 3 can’t offer their service.
And for the sweet dish: When I said to the Internet 3 guy at the store that Internet 3 works really bad for 2 weeks now, the guy made a happy face and said: „Yes, yes, we now it, it is normal, our system is not working good now, but don’t worry, after few days Internet 3 will work again normally”. No comments.
After some while, I founded out that you can switch off the possibility to use „TIM” if „Internet3 doesn’t work”. How could I now it?? Internet 3 should really think about the communication part, starting from sellers, who are not competent enough.

 So, this is a very bad example how to make a communication with clients. "Internet3, I would like to give you a smart advice- 
Consumers give feedback and they expect to be heard. Otherwise they make noise. 

P.S. Mi dispiace for the bad quality of pictures, they were taken with mobile phone. 

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