Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maslow and advertising work together

As I promised, here are examples of advertising messages based on Maslow’s pyramid needs.

So, the first level reflects on basic needs. My opinion is that this basic need level is used a lot to reach an audience, expecially the need- sex and there is no more important what kind of product it is- car, plant, shampoon or candies, this need can be used in all product categories.
Here are some examples:
The commercial of shower gel:
TV commercial of energy drink

The second level reflects on safety, security needs. Insurance companies, baks uses a lot securiyt need to persuade people. I founded two quite good examples.
The commercial of insurance company
The commercial of travels insurance company
Social advertisings also try to reflect people on this level: protect yourself, feel secure there is an example of social commercial about seatbelts

The campaign of Obama is the third level in my opinion. The slogan: Yes, we can! Reflects on the need of belonging (together) we can do it together, we are like one power, so vote for me and you will belong to those who can!

The fourth level is more about esteem needs. A loto f comercials try to attract their customers in this level, for example, promotion of social status.
Commercial of car:

What about fifth level? Well, as Malsow’s said, there are only very few people who have reach this level and actually I think that there aren’t much advertising which try to persuade their audience using the needs of fifth level. I suppose that such advertising reach very specific audience in specific fields, for example, science or medicine.
Finally, I would like to say that most advertising reflects on the level 1, 2 and 3!
Could you give me some example of the fifth level advertising?

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