Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Innovation+ Creativity= Crenovation!

     Yesterday evening I was absolutely amazed by the teacher and information she gave us! Her name is Serena Sala and for over 20 years she has been working in the field of Communications applied to image, compiling fashion tendency forecasts for major international fashion design studios.The most important topics we discussed was trend and consumer. So, I want to share about this experience with you!
      The trend is never what is happening now, but trend is something that will happen in future. It’s something that is coming, but not yet existing.

Watch this. Mac commercial “Think different”

And the commercial spot after 10 years:

You see the same message, events, and people to underline who this company represents and what is their message. They had a clear vision about their brand and they still follow it. Trend- is something concrete and it is the best way to develop vision, to have an idea which will guide you. It’s important to create common vision so that people understand where the brand is going. 

You need to be different because then you are able to change the things. If you want to think different, open your imagination, otherwise you will see like everyone and then you will not catch people attention. To catch people attention- the most important thing today!
Nowadays we are in front of new era. The human being is in the center. And not the product or marketing.
How to think?
•Think of term of paradoxes.
•Think how you can measure things together, use things in different way.
•Everything can be created in geometric forms think of term of shapes.
•Environment. Relationship with nature will become more stronger.
•We need to take new things from other cultures.
•Keep the things simple and at the same time smart too.
•Change your tomorrow, changing today. Make your ideas concrete. The only time to act is today! What are you doing today, will make your future.
•Let your customers’ improve your brand!
•Sentence: “We can’t do it!” is the right direction to do something really good.

It’s all about people nowadays.
You need to catch people attention. You can catch it if you show something people don’t think about in everyday situations.
Nowadays catching people attention means catching their eyes.
People want to be involved.
People don’t like fake people. They want to feel that you are true.
Personalize everything.
The more you know about them, the more you are able to sell. Remember about people, they are alive!
Tell a story! People like stories! If you have a story, underline it, because consumers want to trust. People need and want to have some point of trust. They want to trust in something. Exellent example of making story: I guess if they would just show their new collection, it wouldn’t be so effective. You start to think about this story and interpreted it. It is different, so it works.
The other example, look,
Did it catch you? Prada goes close to art. What they meant with it? No idea! But, Prada can do it, because it’s Prada. If they are so powerful, they can speak in their own language. They have the power to do that.
You need to look at people and try to understand how they will change and what will happen in future?
Now it’s a digital era. It will change everything, people will have different values. What kind of values? We need to listen and predict. Think and try to see from different point of view.
Communicate today means get in contact with people. They don’t want to be informed. If they need information, they can go into google and find everything they need.
What today is reality yesterday was just an imagination. Try to connect the imagination and the reality today. Think what people want nowadays? They want to get more time.
Without problems there is no creativity. People ask for products which are full of creativity not only a comfort product.
You can make them feel little bit scared and get their attention.
Make people feel a little bit uncomfortable and you will gain their attention.
Put your add to places people don’t expect!
Don’t scream, everybody is screaming!
Get out from people world: “Wow!”
“Good enough” doesn’t work nowadays. You need to be more than “good enough”.

P.S. Serena Sala told us: "When you are working for some project and have an idea, but other collegues or boss say: “We can’t do it!” then you need to know that it is the right direction to do something really good! Trust me! I have more than 20 years experience."


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