Saturday, July 16, 2011

Statement without having to say a word

How could they get Americans to question just how far they were willing to go to be safe?
A mettalic ink that displays messages on the scanner screens at aisport has been developed. The message was about US Constitution that protected American citizens against unreasonable searches. So whenever an airport  agent peeked at a traveller's privates, they would be confronted by the very law they were accused of violating. It was a way to make a statement... without saying a word.

It was an idea that needed the internet to spread fast, to thrust itself into the center of the debate. They leveraged social media, PR and used earned media to their advantage to spread the word.
Watch the case study video:

Within hours the media picked up on it and the press coverage exploded.
The website received 1,205,397 million hits on the weekend of launch.
The website received over 3.4 million hits less than 3 weeks. 
4th Amendment Wear sold out of the first run immediately.

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