Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ikea desktop organizer

Ikea has come up with a desktop application that allows you to finally stop the chaos on your desktop and let you organize e-folders on your desktop as it were a set of Ikea shelves.

"Jus like Ikea's furniture, the Ikea e-folder set has to be assembled by you: it consists of background picture with an Expedit storage unit and an icon set made of Ikea's very own organisers" the agency say.
"Once you set it up, you can put order to chaos on your dekstop".
So, the main idea od this app is to replace the boring folders which are all the same into a stylish virtual documents.

The idea is great, but it's a bit difficult to apply it in reallity. I tried it. Takes a lot of time, wish to be it a bit simplier. And when I finally organized it in a way of shelf, the next day I turned on my computer, more than half of the cute e-folders dissapeared.
This application created a lot of buzz on social media, but when people tried to aplly it in reallity, a lot of comments were like these ones: "I'm way too lazy to customize to this extent, but the idea is great!" or "Yep, it's a time suck, but it's fun".

The desktop application is not yet available in English. If you still want to try it out, you can download it here.
Tips to organize the desktop.
Advertising agency: Laboratory Ideas/Laboratory Digital, Budapest


  1. Hey, it is actually available in English on the Canadian IKEA's site. And it's not that hard to apply, imho...

  2. mess in wardrobe mess on desktop . nothing and nobody will help even Ikea