Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Milan? Thats why!

I wanted to study in Italy due to several reasons.
During my studies in this program I will have a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in a different culture, nation. I have always wanted to go to Italy but when I finally get there, I understood- this ir the right place for me! People are very open minded, I like to spend time together with them and discover things I never thought before.

By exploring another nation, I am able to integrate easier, acquire a broader and clear range of vision, as well as grow in experience.
Discover different culture and people is important if you want to work in advertising. It is a possibility to shake yourself of stereotypes and obtain personal vision that is an incomparable asset in contradiction to messages and judgments by other people. This is an occupation where the person’s private experience is essential.

Studying in this higher education establishment, I will gain a unique experience I would not be able to gain if I studied in my home country.
So, if you have such an opportunity- go and discover the world "outside your box"! :)

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