Sunday, May 2, 2010

About me and my blog

Hi everyone! I'm a girl from a small country full with nice people- Latvia.
I have been actively and productively studying full time at the Faculty of Public Relations and Advertising Management of Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration for a period of four years.
After that I also had an expierence working in an advertising company, but my aim was to keep going and develop my skills. And if I have an aim, I'm struggle to realize it. And now- I have started my studies in Insituto Europeo di Design in Milano. I'm studing advertising comunication and brand management. I'm in love...with Italy and my advertising studies.
My next aim- to start a valuable life there, show the best things I can do and after studies get a job in advertising company. I will go for it! In this blog I will share all the valuable information I will get from discussing with my teachers and about topics and ideas which will come in my mind while studying. I hope my blog will be useful for you!

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