Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad head girl

Would this creep you out?
A new viral video promoting Cosmo's new iPad- only magazine for men. Cosmopolitain — of sex tips and dating quips fame — launched its first magazine for men, CFG: Cosmo for Guys. The magazine will not be gracing newsstands but will live solely on the iPad, available via the App Store.

iPad Head Girl walked  around Bryant Park in New York City. The helmet is made out of four iPads that plays video of each side of her head. As for the lady inside, she gets a live feed of her surroundings streamed to her glasses inside the headgear and in her purse there was a hiden camera.
Krivicka explained to NBC that Heart wanted to portray how reading Cosmo for Guys, a men's magazine written by women, was like "getting into a girl's head" or "reading a girl's mind."

"The execution was pretty simple and filming only took a day. After recording an actress visage from four different angles, the producers streamed the videos on the iPad, while the woman walked around with park. A camera and pair of video glasses inside of the box helped her see where she was going", said Michael Krivicka of Thinkmodo. "The whole idea is, if you're a guy brave enough to touch her iPad head, you'll be able to get inside it."

Check out how iPad Head Girl was made!

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