Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tongue named Morgan case study

Do you know what a tongue cleaner is? It's a gadget to clean tongue, preventing bad breath. Here's a super cool example how to make this weird gadget interactive, engaging and popular among social media users. 
The brand is called "Orabrush". The main channel this brand use to interact with funs, is their YouTube channel.  Every week the brand publishes video series (in a diary format) with the main character called Morgan. Oh, by the way, Morgan is a life-sized tongue and now it's already his 39 week on air.  

In most of the videos you will not even see the product, but what you find is Morgan in different adventures situations. Here, check them out!
Morgan in his diary talks about people he met in different situations, his observations, feelings and concerns. The language he speaks (both, verbal and nonverbal) is so good and funny, that you have an impression as you would listen your best friend talking. Morgan also interacts with watchers by asking them questions and funs with pleasure answer them in comments below the videos.

The other very good thing they do and I have no clue how they did it, is that on their website you can find plenty or reviews in a video format made by costumers. They are talking about their experience with tongue cleaner, they film how they received the package from Orabrush, they describe product features, show how to use it and why it's worth to get one. 
This whole communications seems so easy, that it's definitely the key factor of it's success. It's all about simplicity of the story told. This brand really understand the rules of social environment which are: listen, engage, be real and have fun! 
My dear friend, Morgan, I'm waiting your next diary spot!
P.S. Did I ordered tongue cleaner? No, well...not yet. 

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