Monday, December 6, 2010

Pepsi refresh the word

 OR "engagement with customers  nowadays is the key aspect of success"

I want to share a good example how to use the social media towards  customer engagement- „Pepsi”  campaign called "Pepsi refresh project". The idea of this campaign is to look for the ideas of people and businesses that will have a positive impact on society and get  these ideas awarded. The total amount of money "Pepsi" is going to spend are 20 million dollars. It encourage people to think about how they want to change their community. Who wins? The ideas which have the most votes from Internet users.  "Pepsi" spread this message using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, website and Youtube with the aim to involve and engage customers. 
Of course, "Pepsi" still need to go a long  way to reach the amount of the audience like their main competitor- "Coca Cola"- on Twitter "Coca Cola"'  has 3 times bigger audience and on Facebook- 18 times than "Pepsi". 
It’s a good example of social media use and how the company „work” and show their vision- „PepsiCo's responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate - environment, social, economic - creating a better tomorrow than today." At the same time this vision sounds very modern, so I'm not sure they haven't came with this vision now, to get an idea into customers minds about "socially responsible company", because that's the hot topic now.
Anyway, they have gain a lot of good things with their campaign- the number of fans  is growing, they are getting more and more ideas how to make the word better .They see what people are concerned about, which are the most popular topics, they are engaging with customers and what is not bad at all- they are showing their attitude towards a better life. 
The only thing I’m a little bit confused is that I don’t see how this campaign goes together with their previous one, where they used expensive testimonials to advertise their brand. Now this idea about making the word better place for me is like a contrary with the things they did before. For me they are like saying: „Hey, instead of paying a huge amount of money to Britney or Timberlake, we donate this money for the aim of better world." 
But anyway, good job Pepsi, I like your new attitude! 

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